13th October

I have been changing the wording on some of the BalloonTube tutorials, from whatever the design is called, say Pumpkin to Pumpkin Balloon Tutorial to see if we get a few more hits. I have also added a picture of the design at the beginning so you can see what is being taught rather than a picture of myself and my two pictures on the wall. I have changed five at the moment so many more to do if we decide to change them over fully. BalloonTube.

I would like to start a collection of my portfolio pictures from where I started to post them onto Balloon Chat 2013 and have a book for every year. There are some early pictures that I look at and do a double take now but this was part of the journey so I feel should be included. I need to find someone who is good with taking the pictures and making the master book, not sure I have the patience to do this. Balloon Portfolio.

All the pictures are up on Balloon Chat from “The Twistsin Twins” tour day at Airdrie, still adding those from Birmingham. Airdrie Pictures.

Off to do a big build tomorrow for a Birthday party on Tuesday, I will be adding the pictures later in the week to Balloon Chat.

The reindeer we made for the Balloon Chat Challenge this week has been very popular on Facebook since I posted it. Its a design from Masayoshi Matsumoto. This was
challenge number 18, if you would like to view them all, Balloon Chat Challenge.

Off to a face paint event on Thursday in Rochester if anyone would like to come, there are paid classes in the morning and then a free jam in the afternoon. Liz Bylett is organising the day and more details are on her Facebook page, Rochester Face Paint Day.

That’s me for this week, the random balloon model of the week is not
so random as I’m going to post the Reindeer that I made this week.