13th June

We have a couple of Zoom-A-Balloon workshops coming up with numbers on Tuesday 15th and the the Rose workshop on the 22nd June for all those that kindly donated to my “Buy Me A Coffee” page over the last six months. Just a way for me to say thank you to all those that have donated, it is appreciated. We do have three spaces left for the numbers and the Rose workshop the maximum is fifteen so there are six spaces left for that.
If you would like to book, Balloon Workshops.

I then need to work out what the workshops will be for the following weeks, any suggestions?

I have been out and running some training days this week and also have a few lined up for next week as well, its been fun but a little tiring. Mainly due to not being out working in the real world for over 16 months with everything that has been happening in the world.

We have had a few large orders turning up so do have a few products back in stock but then other products are going out of stock as others are being replaced, it is a little difficult at the moment. If we can help then please let us know, we do have a few split bags so if what you are after is out of stock then perhaps give us a call as we might have a few balloons laying around that would get you out of trouble. Balloon Art Wholesale.

That’s me for this week as I’m off out to run another balloon training workshop,
off to find the random balloon picture of the week.
I went with Rupert the Bear that came up on my Facebook page as being from two years ago. I’m not sure this is a world wide character, he may just be from the UK? There are a couple more pictures on Balloon Chat to see how he came about. Rupert The Bear.