12th January

This week I had to make a Jammie Dodger biscuit, if you do not live in the UK I’m guessing you may need to google but its nearly a British institution. I have posted pictures as we built it if anyone would like to have a look, It was over 30 inches wide. Jammie Dodger.

We have got a little residency with Danielle that we started this weekend, we are doing alternate days, its a 6 hour day so as I did yesterday I’m pretty tired and ache a little since we have been quiet over Christmas and New Year. I’m sure we will get back up to speed and it was enjoyable with meeting so many people and having a laugh.

Only four weeks till the Blackpool Magic Convention, better try and decide what the big build we will be making. Not sure at the moment.

We do have the Sutton Balloon Jam Day all booked for Wed 22nd Jan if anyone would like
to come along, its free if you sign up online or just £10 if you prefer to pay at the door.
Sutton Balloon Day.

Off to find the random balloon picture of the week.
I went with the dog which was the first Balloon Chat Challenge for 2020.
I have posted a few other dog designs in the past 10 days, Dogs.