12th Feb

Hello to everyone who looks in to read my blog, thank you.

So this week I have been getting ready for Blackpool, product in, price lists, working on special offers and trying to come up with a balloon build idea to tempt people over to have a look. Now normally Thelma and I come up wit an idea on the day or while travelling up, I sent a few ideas over last week, none too exciting or original and then yesterday it hit me. I have moments like that; I had a few moments like that after Olivia called me to discuss a project for next year. Anyway back to Blackpool, come along to the stand to see what the idea is, this is what Thelma sent back via email once she knew about the idea, “Funny and fun and I love it” Hopefully it will put a smile on people’s faces and as yet I have not seen anyone do this idea.

Been a little on the quiet side working on balloons, I think the past few months I have twisted nearly every day with enthusiasm but the past 10 days is a little quiet time which has been nice. I did a birthday party magic show today, the first one for a while and all was going great. About 30 children and 20 adults, all the adults quietened down and were all watching the show except for a very loud group of three. I suppose you can’t win them all. There was this one little girl who was up and down a good 12 times in the first 20 minutes so I asked if her mum was still here, she seemed very reluctant to make me aware she was mum and it was one of the three ladies talking very loudly, so I asked if it was possible to have a little chat with her daughter as I move around a lot and it was stopping the flow of the show. The reply back was…………NO! This surprised me but hey ho carry on, another 10 minutes and another asking about 8 times if she could sit down. I caught the mums eye and asked if she could help out, she got up, looked at me and I knew straight away she was going to come marching over. And that is what she did, right up to my face and telling me her daughter is on the autistic spectrum, I took my mic off and just asked if she could sit with her to help and how was I meant to know this. I carried on the show which luckily stayed in the same feel although we did loose a few adults which got me wondering if that was there way of telling me I had over-stepped the mark or been in the wrong. I suppose we will never know but like all things that disrupt the show you get to thinking did I handle it right, what other things should I have done and the only thing that got me thinking was why could the mum not come over and have a quiet word in my ear before the show started so we could make allowances for her daughter and why did she not try and sit with her which is what happened after she came right up to me rather confrontational during the show. After which she did sit on a chair right next to me looking after her daughter. There are many things to consider when entertaining and you do have to go with trying to look after the majority. We as entertainers always remember when things go a little aerie and never all the good shows.

So next time a little one is running all over, shall I run over to the mum and ask off mic is your child autistic? Possibly not, no definitely not! I will try and remember this occasion and perhaps go for plan B although at the moment I’m not sure what a plan B would be.

I will let you into a little secret here, I usually write my blog on a Saturday night and post it up on the Sunday. So last night after I had written I did not know what plan B was, well this morning I do. When I get enquires for a show then perhaps when taking all the other details I can ask if they know if any of the children are on the autistic spectrum or have other needs that I should be aware off. Then at the party before I start I will just confirm things with the party host. So fingers crossed that situation will not arise again, life and entertainer are a learning curve and I was a little upset about the situation arising yesterday as all us entertainers want is the perfect show, is there such a thing or do we strive for too much?

It’s BalloonTube Sunday today and the tutorial is the two balloon handbag. BalloonTube.

Anyway off to find a random balloon design of the week.
Be right back. We have gone with the Koala Bear that I made
possibly 5/6 weeks ago now.