12th Aug

Not been too busy on the balloon front this week as it’s been a case of a little tender loving care on the balloon warehouse. The fascia boards had all rotted plus the front porch/veranda section. So it was off to get some more wood and do some repair work, I’m a little slow as have to fit it in depending on orders to get ready etc and also raining and some days just too hot to be outside. I will start to post some pictures as we do the repairs onto the forum. Repairs.

Still looking into booking another workshop for November to go with the silent clown we have already booked for Nov 27th.

We still have some special offers on the website for the chrome 11″ rounds plus the chrome 260’s and also the 6″ metallic hearts. The offer is good for all of August. Balloon Art Wholesale.

Short and sweet this week, off to find the random balloon picture of the week to post.
I went with some variations on a theme for the quick doll/princess
we did with step by step instructions on the forum. Doll.