11th Sept

It was the International Brotherhood of Magicians convention this week and for the first time since I believe 1988 in Brighton I did not attend. I tried to get a stand as usual but they only had spaces for six dealers and by the time I asked they were full up. I have to say I was rather sad about not attending, I have always tried to support the IBM and all the lectures that both Thelma and myself  have given over the years we have never asked to be paid for them. I even offered to make them a magical balloon wall for the foyer/registration desk and even that was declined, goodness knows why. Perhaps one day I will find out…………anyway moving on.

We are back to attending balloon jams and care & share days, I went down to Portsmouth this week with I think approx. 10  other latex nuts and had a lovely day meeting up and twisting. I have started to post the pictures from Portsmouth onto the forum,
Portsmouth Pictures.

I also went up to an art exhibition this week by the artist Noemi Lakmaier where she was trying to float using over 20,000 11″ round balloons. It was quite some sight and after a few teething difficulties I’m pleased to say that this was managed around 3.45 pm on the Thursday afternoon. John Bowler at BAPIA was helping to co-ordinating the event. I’m still to add all the pictures but a few are on the forum and I will be adding them over the coming days. Cherophobia. 

We are off to Lincoln later today for the Care & share Balloon day that we are running tomorrow, we have over 20 people booked in so very pleased with that as it’s a new location and venue for the days. We then move onto Northampton on the 4th Oct and then Manchester 2nd Nov, booking details can be found here, Care & Share Balloon Days.

The latest tutorial on BalloonTube will be going up this morning, I’m pleased with this one, well pleased with them all to be honest but this is a new one balloon snake I came up with a few months back. I think it has a different style and feel to others I have seen, you can even add a second balloon for that extra detail if you wish. If you could share the details about my YouTube channel that would be very much appreciated, BalloonTube with Graham Lee.

I think that’s about it from me for this week, off to load the car and to get ready for the three hour drive up to Lincoln, off to find the random picture of the week to post,
until next time.
I decided on the one balloon bird that came about from playing with a crown idea.