11th October

Just realised I did not put a blog up last week, probably as not to much to report :-)

I think I did post a tutorial last week, off to message my web people and see if they have been working on the site and took it back a few days and it got deleted.

So this wee we did go up to London for a mini London balloon jam. We had six people and spread out over four tables so trying to keep apart and sensible. It was nice to meet up after
so long. The last London Jam was back in November 2019, so nearly a year ago. I posted a few pictures onto Balloon Chat, London Jam.

Looking at videoing a Christmas selection of “Twisting Fun 4 Everyone” Looking for five Christmas designs to post with enough balloons to make each design five times. The designs are all hats as people have crackers at Christmas and wear hats so perhaps they could make their own hats Christmas morning or the day before or sometime at Christmas and use the hats instead of the paper ones from the crackers, just an idea, you have to try these things. My first box with five basic designs, perhaps I should not say but advertised them 2/3 weeks ago and have still not sold one. I’m still smiling as its better to try these things than to sit about moaning. Always be positive. Now my Digger tutorial, I posted that for the 1st Oct and it has sold better than the tutorial box but still not very good. It’s a bad time to promote designs as no one has worked for 7/8 months and then no one has any gigs so assuming there is no point learning any new designs as yet?
If anyone wanted to purchase the “Twisting Fun 4 Everyone” selection box its here,
“Twisting Fun 4 Everyone” 
And the Digger tutorial is here, Digger.

My BalloonTube tutorial though for October has had over 250 views in a week, now if everyone paid a pound that would help me out a lot, trouble is about half would go to Paypal fees.
(Insert a cheeky smile and a wink here xx)
So back to the drawing board and lets film the Christmas hat tutorial next weekend and have that all ready to promote for the end of October.

Hope everyone is keeping well…………..and keep smiling XXxx
Off to find the random balloon picture of the week.
I made these about five weeks ago now.
boy and girl3