11th May

I normally post the blog on a Sunday but had some technical issues with my computer, it blew up Friday night and I have only got it back late Monday night. Its only a temporary fix as we need a new computer as this one is over 5 years old now and did over heat.
Over the past 10 days at least 6 people have been in touch saying they are unable to gain access to my sales website. I have been messaging my website host 123 reg to see if they can see any problems and they keep assuring me all is OK…………well I think not as so many have been in touch. They suggested I added some more RAM GB memory as the website was nearly at capacity. So fingers crossed this might help to resolve the problem. It should all be updated by the morning.

We have added some new Quick Link colours to the website in both the 6″ and 12″.
6″ Quick Links.
12″ Quick Links.

That’s be for today, I did post another Key Worker “Thank You” sculpture last Thursday so will post that here today. This morning I finished of this Thursday NHS “Thank You” design as well.
Hopefully see you next week if the computer holds out.
a firemanbc1