11th March

I’m just back from a four hour ballooning gig in London and absolutely exhausted.
I think I’m getting too old for this entertaining balloon modelling, that or I need the shorter gigs.
Still I did survive although I went to Brompton Road for the party and it was meant to be old Brompton Road so I did have to do a quick Uber to get there on time. It was a stunning party, so much going on and in a very nice venue.

I have a few days to recover and then on Thursday I’m off to Blackpool again for the Blackpool Balloon Bash. I think this is the fifth year and the first one that I have attended. I also booked for the Tony Twist workshop that is taking place in Hemel Hempstead on Wed 18th April.
Tony Twist Workshop.

The party today was Wonder Woman and super hero themed so I did have a play with a few designs, obviously Wonder Woman, Superman and The Incredible Hulk. Yes I know the Hulk is not a Super Hero but the children at the party did not query it.

The master copy for the Sam Cremeens workshop is off to the duplication centre tomorrow, this is version two as version one for some reason the picture did-appeared for about 20 minutes. Version two does stop two minutes from the end but we have to go with this now otherwise things will not be ready for the star lecture days at the end of the month. We have Wallie de Groote over from Europe to run the two day workshop. Wallie de Groote.

We have added a few new lines onto the website, we now have in stock the unicorn heads,
the panda heads and the smiley face emoji’s. New Product.

That’s about it from me this week, off to find the random picture of the week.
We made the wheel after we came back from attending the magic convention
at Blackpool in Feb. There are 5/6 other wheel designs over on Balloon Chat.