11th Jan

Yet again I’m late with the blog, I must remember to try harder.
So what has been happening this week?
Well it turned out to be one of the most stressful for myself, if you see me ask me.

We have sponsorship again this year from Qualatex for sponsoring the “Care & Share” Balloon days.
Pleased about that.

We are also having a new website name, the website will stay the same, you will not notice any difference but we are changing the name from www.balloonartwholesale.co.uk Link.
to www.balloonartwhoesale.co.uk. Link.
Not so pleased about that.

We had the very first care & share day for 2016 and WHAT a turnout, I think it was 36 people attending with 21 coming out for the meal after. It was a fun day but I was totally exhausted. I’m trying to turn some of the days back to what they used to be where one or two would stand up and share a technique or design. I did ask a few but only one person volunteered so I had to run all 4 sessions, with three competitions in between as well, as I said, pretty exhausting but it was fun. Thanks to all who attended and brought nibbles along as well, much appreciated. I have started to add pictures from the day to balloon chat, it will take a few more weeks till they are all added. Pictures.

The next days coming up are in Birmingham on 8/9th March with Simon Jong and Rob Driscoll running the two day event, so I can take it a little easier this time. Booking Details.

So the random balloon picture for today, off to find one, be right back.