10th October

We are off tomorrow to drive up to Birmingham for our very first live and in person balloon day. First one in over 18 months, really looking forward to seeing everyone. There is still time to book and come along to the day, we have 4 balloon workshops, a couple of fun competitions that you can either watch or join in with and some amazing prizes to give away. Now be careful as you know what stunning prizes I usually have, he he. But we do have a couple of nice items to give away. If anyone would like to attend then booking details are here,
Birmingham Balloon Day.

If anyone is in need of a couple of Halloween balloon designs I do have the Bat and Pumpkin over on BalloonTube. Bat. Pumpkin.

Just a short blog this week, take care and off to find the random balloon picture of the week.
I went with Bing that we made a while back now in August of this year,
there are some variations over on Balloon Chat, Bing.