10th November

We have had a very quiet week both magic wise and balloon sales, as they say all quiet on the western front. Fingers crossed balloon sales will start to pick up this week for the Christmas rush.

I have been having a little practise at some of my balloon magic effects as I put my name down to enter my local magic club stage competition in 3 weeks time. Its been quite a while since I performed some of it but at the moment looking forward to it. Here is hoping I still am in 3 weeks time.

I have been updating all of my BalloonTube tutorials on YouTbue, instead of me and the two pictures behind being the thumbnail I have added the completed picture of the design being taught. Plus in every description we have added Balloon Tutorial to hopefully help with the search engine so we get possibly a few more hits. BalloonTube.

I have been twisting away making, Hippo’s, Boat’s and Hey Duggee this week, Hey Duggee was a new one on me and is from CBBC TV in the UK. All are in the picture gallery over on Balloon chat if you would like to take a look, Picture Gallery.

Getting ready for the Star lecture days in Birmingham at the end of November, 19/20th with Pip coming over from New Zealand to run the days for us. We do have spaces available if you would like to join us, all are most welcome. If you would like to book onto the days or even just one day then this is the link, Pip Star Lecture Days.

That’s me for this week then, off to find the random balloon picture
of the week, it might be Hey Duggee, lets see what I can find.

I went with a design I made about 10 days ago as it was going to
be the Balloon Chat Challenge but at the last minute we went
with a different design but from the same person.
This is a variation on a design made by jamroly66 on Insta.
I will be putting up the main challenge later today of the
design we finally went with. Balloon Chat Challenge.