10th July

Here we are again…….at the blog, so what has been happening this week.
We had the David Grist memorial lecture in Birmingham with Sabina Kellner coming over form Austria, seems like it was a fabulous couple of days with all the positive feedback we have received. I’m still posting pictures from the event and was very pleased that David’s wife and daughter, Vanessa and Victoria¬†attended on the Wed with Victoria joining in and making some very nice designs.¬†Victoria is off to Italy next week for some more training from Fiona and Rodney as she thinks balloon modelling/decorating might be her chosen career path………….I think David would have been well chuffed with that.
Sabina workshop pictures.

I have been trying to book up the rest of the care & share balloon days for the rest of the year with days in Lincoln, Manchester, Northampton and then another two day event back in Birmingham, possibly with Alberto Nava, just waiting to confirm everything up.

I’m off attending another face painting day up in Telford on Wed 27th July that Rosey Watson is organising. If anyone would like to attend the facebook page with details is here. Telford Jam.

We have been trying to play catch up since getting back from two days away, it is very tiring organising the events with many things all coming together so that everything runs smoothly and effortlessly. Goodness knows how Leo and Johan go about organising an international event with 400 attending, we have approx. 30 and that takes time so assuming it’s 10 times more work.

So I wonder what the random picture of the week will be?
Off to have a look………….be right back.
I went with the wheels I made for the BMW mini we made last week with the help of
Thelma Levett, David Crofts, Roger Daws and Daniel Fudd. Mini Pictures.