10th January

A Happy New Year to everyone, did I miss last week? I thought I did post, perhaps not.
So we have been making Spitfires, Bulldog’s, Boxer Dog and Roses in the past 10 days, the Bulldog face was tricky to get looking right and when I tried to re-create the design I liked it looked more like a Boxer dog. I have posted a thread on Balloon Chat of how the faces evolved for the dogs, Bulldog and Boxer.

The Spitfire came about as someone mentioned they would use the Jet design as the starting point for the Spitfire. They are quite different looking planes and that got me intrigued into the different look so I spent a few hours coming up with the Spitfire look. I then built an extra large one form 350’s as well. Again I posted how the Jet and Spitfire evolved over on Balloon Chat, Planes.

We then went onto Roses, this came about as I was having a chat with someone and mentioned I did not have a go to Rose design, so then spent possibly two full days over time trying different looks and shapes trying to come up with a Rose that I liked. I have not posted all the pictures yet from the Rose but you can see some of them here at the moment, Roses.

If anyone does need any balloon product we would very much like you to have a look at the website as with us mainly supplying the entertainer market and shows have been nearly non-existent for 10 months we could do with the custom, thanks, Balloon Art Wholesale.
We do have a special offer on at the moment, spend £50 on any 5″ printed rounds, 6″ printed Hearts, 160 and 260 metallic balloons and get 20% off, please contact me for details.

Last Sunday was BalloonTube Sunday, the design we went with was Owl that started off as a love heart, I think I originally made this about 15 months ago. We have added a little advert to the front of the tutorials, just mentioning Balloon Chat, the website in case anyone wanted to purchase some balloons as still many do not realise we have the online shop available. I also mention the Buy Me A Coffee link as donations to this help us to keep the forum online and also to keep posting tutorials. This has been up and running for about 3 months now, we had the four Facebook lives that we did, plus the model of the months and Balloontube. Over this time we have had around 14,000 hits and views and so far 18 people have very kindly bought us a coffee or two. Thank you to those who have, it is very much appreciated.
BalloonTube Owl.

If anyone would like to Buy Me A Coffee and help keep the forum online then this is the link,
Buy Me a Coffee. And thank you, it is always very much appreciated.

Off to find the random balloon design for the week, at the moment not sure what it will be.
I went with a design I did not mention above, the Girl with a bun in her hair,
although its not to easy to see this from the picture.
The design puts a smile on my face when I see it, it makes me smile
girl with bun hair