10th Aug

A day late this week with the blog update but I think we have a good excuse?
We took Zakh our grandson crabbing, down in West Wittering,
it’s off the beaten track and you would never find it.
You need to ask the locals for directions, the queue’s for the car park at the beach went on and on for miles, luckily we park in a  little lane a 5 minute walk away so did not have all that stress. West Wittering is a lovely place, try to go at a non peak time though.

So balloon modelling, what have we been up to, well on balloon chat we had two competitions this week to win the Christopher Lyle restaurant PDF on how to work the restaurant and also the July Frozen Princess Wand competition, the complimentary balloons go out in all orders and the instructions are up on balloon chat and to enter you only have to post the picture there and you go into the hat to win a balloon modelling DVD. Rob Driscoll from his blog one balloon a day won both competitions and Rob choose the Patrick van de Ven DVD for his prize. Thanks to all who entered and for Aug the competition is to make a sea turtle. Good Luck, Sea Turtle.

Had a nice magic party on Saturday, two hours and I think as I do not do any many as days gone bye I have a new vigour for the entertaining bug, I always enjoy them but perhaps more so now as I do less shows. Running the two balloon websites and the care and share days plus keeping an eye on balloon chat keep me well busy all the time now.

I went out for a meal with David Crofts on Saturday night and David mentioned we were lucky to be doing our work, I mentioned that I did not think it was all down to luck but our hard work in doing the things we have a passion for, both magic and balloons and over the years we have worked hard and tried to push boundaries and worked at improving both our magic and balloon repertoire. You have to keep moving forward and re-inventing yourself. Hard to exactly put this into words but have a talk with me sometime and I will try to explain this a little better. Off to find a random balloon picture to add to the blog, at the moment I’m adding one balloon figures to balloon chat as the party on Saturday wanted 25 single balloon models and I thought that would make a nice thread on the forum. To view what I have posted so far. One Balloon Models.
I decided to post the picture of Zakh and a minion I made last week, it was pure luck he turned up wearing the T shirt.
minnion 4