10th April

I missed last week as I was away attending the British Juggling convention up in Perth, Scotland. I ran a couple of workshops that seemed to go OK, I was pleased with them so fingers crossed those attending picked up an idea or two along the way. The gala show on the Saturday night was superb, the talent, hours of dedication. I enjoyed the gala show. I have posted some of the pictures from the event here. Juggling.

Had some very sad news while I was away at the juggling convention, a very good friend who has been battling with terminal cancer for the past 18 months passed away on Friday 1st April. He was a lovely fella and a master of his art which was as a comedy juggler.
I’m sure I will write more about Pearse Halpenny at a later date but things are a little too raw at the moment.
Pearse also got a little mention in the gala show, that was a poignant and lovely moment.

We arrived home late Monday night and then first thing Tuesday we were off to a face painting event down near to Maidstone. I took my grandson Zakh along to help me, I think we both had a fab time. Horror of horrors I forgot my camera…………but luckily Zakh had his one with him so became the official photographer for the day. To see the pictures he took. Zakh Pictures.

The next event that I’m planning is for Exeter on 11th May, it’s a free day, well it’s £20 but those attend do get 4 bags 260 modelling balloons so making it a free day. I will run a couple of workshops, we will have a competition or two but I’m also making time for others to get up and share a design, tip, routine etc like we used to do when the first care & share days took place some 11 years ago now. Booking details for all the up coming days can be found here, Booking.

So what have we been making this week, a new ninja turtle, I have never made one before. I posted this onto the juggling thread if anyone would like to view. Then an Owl and crocodile, all new to me, one wonders what next week will bring? Who knows, that what makes this balloon modelling malarkey so much fun, off to find a design to post,
be right back……………don’t go away. I went with the Owl.